Resumé: Matthew Stoffel

Dear Hiring Manager:

The common themes of my career include: creative communication and design, analytical support and strategic engagement. I believe the creative process flourishes through open and clear collaboration. Furthermore, engaging and timely communication is critical to successful projects and lasting relationships.

My strengths as a professional video producer and photographer, e-commerce and marketing specialist, Geek Squad Agent, and social media Community Connector add up to a rich pallet of knowledge, advancement and mastery. Your company will consider me as an integral contributor of exceptional creative, strategic storytelling and brand enhancement via intuitive communication.

In addition to my extensive software and technical skills (including Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud, Final Cut Pro, hardware and OS for Mac and PC, and multiple social media platforms), I am recognized for leadership, collaboration and instruction, project management, and loyal dedication. I work effortlessly within teams or independently and I’m no stranger to RFPs, budgets and reporting. I manage projects, employees and clients with thorough, thoughtful consideration. You will find I’m strategic and adaptive when looking at the bigger picture, yet caring and contextual about the finer details.

The successes listed in the enclosed resume illustrate how I instinctively predict the trajectory and relevance of multi-faceted communications in strategic brand marketing and training. My own freelance business is founded on this multiplex of shifting communication needs and my flexible talents. I enjoy strategic collaboration, contextual communication, and most importantly: the smile on a client’s face that says, “How’d you do that so well?”

Please consider me as a strong candidate for your available position so that we may grow the business together while providing superior value to clients. For further information and portfolio, see my website at and I hope you’ll connect via my LinkedIn profile.


Matthew Stoffel